Joe Rogan Apologizes and Promises to ‘Balance the Things out’ after Spotify Backlash


Joe Rogan issued his own response shortly after Spotify announced it would add a ” content advisory” to the COVID-19 podcast episode. In a YouTube video, apologized to Spotify for the backlash caused by Joni Mitchell and Neil Young’s removal of their music. He also justified his decision to book controversial guests and promised to “balance out” the differences with other opinions.

He said that some of his ideas were not fully fleshed out or prepared because he’s having them in real-time. However, he did say that he does his best and that they are just conversations. It’s what makes the show so interesting. Spotify was so helpful during this time. I am very sorry for this and the loss they are taking from it.

Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough were two of his most controversial guests. They made numerous unproven claims about COVID-19. Malone falsely claimed that COVID-19 vaccines work because of “mass formation psychosis”. This episode led over 1000 doctors, nurses, and scientists to write an open letter demanding that Spotify create a misinformation policy.

Rogan stated in his video that these guests were “highly credentialed and very intelligent people who are very accomplished people. They have an opinion which is different to the mainstream narrative.” I was curious to know their opinions. He also denied that the episodes were “misinformation” and said that mainstream listeners share many of their opinions.

Rogan was also criticized for misinformation about COVID-19. Rogan has claimed that hospitals are motivated financially to record COVID death causes and has advocated the anti-parasitic treatment, ivermectin, as a way of treating COVID symptoms. This is something the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has labeled ” Dangerous.”

I am not a doctor. I am not a scientist. He said that he is merely a person who talks to people and has conversations with them. Do I make mistakes? Absolutely. Yes. I make mistakes, but I always try to fix them. I am interested in discovering the truth and enjoy having interesting conversations with people who have different opinions. I don’t want to only hear from people who have one view.

Rogan stated that he supports Spotify’s decision to add advisory labels to COVID-19 episodes. He also promised to provide experts with different opinions for guests who are controversial. He stated that he would do his best to reconcile these controversial views with the perspectives of other people so we could possibly find a better viewpoint.