Google Clips Camera

Google Started Rolling Out Its Clips Camera


It was back last October, when Google launched its new camera; Clips. It is a tiny device that runs on artificial intelligence for snapping the right picture just when it sees anything interesting. The company though didn’t reveal much about the device for now, but silently it started selling out the device yesterday. The price of the camera is $249 and it comes with no shipping charges, but at this moment Google seemed to have stopped taking orders for this device. It’s more like aiming its active customers for jumping on a wait list, and later will be sending them e-mail notification when the device becomes available again.

As per Engadget, those customers who were capable of placing an order for one had their delivery days raging from 27th February to 5th March. While the press reached out to Google for finding out when the Company will begin to receive orders again, and an update will be given when anything turns out from them.

“Clips” is a variant type of camera, the one type which Google is marketing towards the parents those who love taking lots of pictures of their kids. The idea is much like that the camera stands in the background, waiting or the exact moment for taking any picture that’s pretty interesting. Not everyone for now is onboard with this idea of the latest Google camera, which is always keeping an eye on them. Although the Company has aimed that the device performs all of its work with its very own device that’s installed in it, and it doesn’t discloses or send any pictures to any external servers.

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Google Clips Camera is out now and is an AI smart camera waiting just to capture the perfect moment to not let miss anything.