Samsung Galaxy S9

Bingo, Samsung Discloses its Launch of Galaxy S9 on 25th Feb


Finally Samsung has officially marked the date for its Galaxy S9 launch and it has kept February 25 to unveil the most awaited its next big Smartphone, everything is confirmed but to be known as the Galaxy S9. It was already known that the global Smartphone titan would be dropping the device at the Mobile World Congress, which is much more known by its initials, MWC that will be held next month in Barcelona. It’s one of the largest shows in the world, for all things mobile. What was missing in that was the release date. If one is keeping tabs, then this “Unpacked event” shares the similar time and weekday as the earlier unfolding o the phones of Samsung at MWC, and it’s the Sunday night before the show officially starts.

The invitation of the Samsung reveals a large “9” purple colour logo on a black background, having highlighted words “The Camera, Reimagined”. The invitation though doesn’t propose much like a clue way, but it surely throws credibility to the rumours that S9 will be enhancing its camera performance. Either one or both of the S9 phones is expected to use the setup of dual-camera, the second time it’s going to do so after the Galaxy Note 8 of 2017.

The rumours of Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9 have been painting, mounting a picture of a slim-bezel, large-screen phone with the compelling Snapdragon Qualcomm 845 processor and a set-up of dual camera. Rumours also have saying it also include the own version of Samsung of the secure Face ID unlocking that of Apple, and also a finger-print scanner that’s in-screen.

Whatever be the case, one thing is sure that the Galaxy S9 phone will be bringing a battle against the iPhone 8, 8Plus, and iPhone X smartphones in 2018. However, one will not witness the go on sale of S9s till March. They will be spending over a year as tee lading Android contenders to the top phones of Apple, specifically if they strike the market before other rivals in the field of Android.