Google To Delete Gmail Account If Inactive For Two Years


Google has announced new policies for its mailing and other services. According to the search engine giant, it will delete Gmail accounts that are left inactive for two years. The new rules will come into effect from June 1 next year. Once the policies come into effect, Google will erase users’ data. The company said that it will, however, notify the users multiple times before taking the action. It will directly affect accounts that are either inactive or over their storage limit. Users who wish to keep their account still active and avoid Google’s action should visit Gmail periodically. This also includes Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Drawings, among others. Google said that the new policies are being brought to better align the services with common industry practices.

Users can take the help of the Inactive Account Manager to manage content stored in their account. An Inactive Account Manager lets users share parts of their account data if they have been inactive for a long. According to Google, all new photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos will be counted against a 15 GB free storage limit. The company said that it will no longer provide free unlimited storage. Users will be charged for uploading more than 15 GB of data from June 2021. Users will have to subscribe to Google One service to get more storage limit. The new policy will, however, not include users having a Pixel smartphone. The company has announced to exempt them from the limit.

According to Google, the reason for changing its policies is to provide users with a quality experience. The company wants to push users to switch to Google One. The paid plans of Google One offer cloud storage. The minimum limit it offers is 100 GB and the maximum is 30 TB. The basic plan of 100 GB comes at USD 1.99 per month. The 10 TB plan costs USD 49.99 monthly. The 20 TB and 30 TB cost USD 99.99 and USD 149.99, respectively, monthly.