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Google to Replace URL Shorteners with FDLs

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There are quite a number of people who prefer to use URL shorteners because they are fun to use and they make any work easier. Rumour has it that there is an URL shortener that had been named after Keanu Reeves! Back in 2009, for the first time we saw Google’s version of this technology and Google launched an API, which was not only able to create QR codes but it could also form a link between different android and iOS devices and this still exists and millions of users use this service. But recently, it has been made known that Google is, in fact, letting go of this service and there will not longer be any Google URL shorteners. In place of the URL shorteners, Google will be introducing the new FDL or what is also known as Firebase  Dynamics links.

Reports say that the Google URL shorteners will only work till the 13th of April after which you will not longer be able to use the and instead it will be replaced by a different take on technology which are the Firebase Dynamics links (FDLs). Now, these FDLs are actually pretty cool and smart upgrades to the previous Google URL shorteners so most will not be disappointed at all. These new URLs will allow you send your location at any time to anyone you need to send it to as long as it falls within the web maps installed on your iOS or Android devices.

However, after the 2nd week of April, you will no longer be able to create a short link, but things have been made easier for the existing users because they can work and control their short links by using console till next year. The links will continue to work, but users will lose all access after next March. Even though Google is allowing this, they do suggest that for convenience users start using Firebase Dynamics links or else they make use of the other shorteners like or Bitly.