Instagram Launches Layout Tool To Allow Users Add Multiple Photos In Stories


Photo and video sharing app Instagram has rolled out a new tool to make its Stories feature more creative and interactive. The new tool allows users to add multiple photos in one post. The new feature is called Layout. The company said users can now add six photos in a story with the just-launched Layout. The feature has been launched by the Facebook-owned company globally and users can spot it on the app. Before the launch of Layout features, the only way to add multiple photos in a single story was by using third-party story editing apps. Now that Instagram has provided a solution by incorporating a new tool, users will no longer require downloading third-party apps.

To use the new feature, users will have to open the Stories camera inside the app and look for Layout to add photos. Once the selected photos are uploaded, publish the Story just like any other. Photos and videos shared using Stories feature disappear from the feed after 24 hours. Instagram has been working on its Stories feature for long to make it more engaging. The new feature is just like the Boomerang feature. Boomerang allows users to capture a burst of pictures and turn into a GIF-like video. It was launched in 2015 and was added as an in-app feature in the app a year later.

Notably, the Stories feature is the most used part of the Instagram app in 2019. The company is also working on new features for Stories with its new Create mode. The Create mode allows users to make content other than photos. It was launched in October this year. The social networking service recently launched an anti-bullying tool to discourage users from posting offensive and hurtful captions on photos and videos. The new Caption Warning feature sends a notification if it finds a caption with bad characters. It was earlier limited to comments. Meanwhile, Instagram has also announced to expand its fact-checking program globally to combat the spread of misinformation.