Instagram Testing Green Screen Tool For Reels To Give More Freedom To Edit Videos

Entertainment Tech

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram is testing a new tool for Reels. It is called a Green Screen tool. It is touted to be a fun tool. It is basically an editing tool. As the name suggests, the new tool will allow the users to change the background. Users can edit the background of a video using the Green Screen tool. This means that users can add new backgrounds that will increase the engagement time. The Green Screen tool is not a new feature. Similar tools already exist in other platforms like TikTok and Zoom. Instagram underlined that the new tool will give more freedom to users. Besides, it will allow users to demonstrate creativity.

The green screen technology comes will multiple benefits. Besides adding an ability to change the background, it also has a feature to add sort of footage to a video. The tool is a font of creativity that Instagram is looking for Reels. Instagram believes that it will attract new users and the user pool will grow. The feature is being tested and not available for all users. Reels is available to limited regions. It is not available to markets across the world using Instagram. It was launched in August 2020. It is available essentially available in markets where the Chinese app TikTok is facing a ban or already banned.

Reels is similar to the hugely popular TikTok app. The Chinese app allowed users to create and share funny videos. Reels also lets users shoot short videos and share them on the platform. Meanwhile, Instagram said that it is introducing some changes to the algorithm related to original posts. The company said that it is against the policy to allow videos TikTok watermark on Reels. It does not want users to share recycled TikTok videos on Reels. Instagram said that it will also remove videos with TikTok watermark from the platform. The decision was taken in the wake of users uploading their TikTok videos on Reels following a crackdown on TikTok in countries like India and the US. Scores of videos with TikTok written over it are seen in large numbers on Reels.