Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180

Launch date of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 might Seep Out


The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is over a year old now. This year’s Gamescom begins on 21st August. It’s only a handful days of event aiming mainly on new gaming titles. It’s been said that invitations are being reportedly conveyed to the press by Nvidia for this event. As of now, nothing can be said immediately about the date, probably since the date is not just a single one. It may occur short after or before the Gamescom. GPU fanatics, crypto miners, and other PC gamers, have been long waiting for more than two years for the upcoming big graphics card of the company that is pretty much bizarre. And steadily so, lately the CEO of Nvidia; Jen-Hsun Huang stated to reporters that cards were still away way back.

What’s significant now is whether the invitation mentions any new GeForce series or new hardware. Word that is given is the authorised presentation of the recent PC gaming titles. But several new leaks reveal that the GeForce GTX 11 series might be seen quite sooner than this fall season, or may even in this August. A video from the Brainbean; where the product manger of Lenovo lets drip away that his new PC gaming will have the graphics of GeForce 11-series this fall, aligned with a report from VideoCardz claiming Nvidia is conveying out calls for the press for some possible declaration at the Gamescom event on 21st August.

Most likely Lenovo’s product manager misspoke, and even that’s not the case, HotHardware tells that this may be the first time they have had confirmed about the next GPUs of Nvidia that will actually be addressed as 11 series rather than GeForce 20 series or some sort of that. It also heard that the AMD is inviting press for their own conference, but no further details are currently available. But blurry news pops of its availability a month earlier. However, when asked to Lenovo and Nvidia they both denied stating anything.