Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Is Creating A Charging Stand Worth $20 For The Switch


Since Nintendo had Switch on its gaming console, it pretty much did a well business and gamers were gripped towards Nintendo as well. One of the huge derelictions other than the smart design is the placement of the Nintendo’s power port. A lot games after that were developed for the Switch. One can play games on the Switch in several ways, but if one is willing to charge whilst playing in the Tabletop mode then one would have to look for innovative ways for propping it up. However, even if one invents any way to do so, there might be a risk of ruining its cord, keeping in mind that its port for charging lays at the bottom. But thankfully Nintendo is fixing that issue by launching an accessory worth $20 that serves as an adjustable stand and a charger. The company in response to this has come up with its own charging stand officially.

It’s of comparatively simple sleek design. The adaptor cord needs to be plugged in to a port on the base and then rest the Switch on this base for any further sessions. The position of the stand can even be shifted and adjusted as per requirement, and it looks much robust rather shoddy kickstand that comes along on the back of the Switch.One can shift this kickstand to get the best fit viewing angle based on their surrounding, and as its adapter is on the side, one need not to worry about running the cords.

This sounds like a great integration to their accessory arsenal if one prefers to mimic the experience of any TV game wherever they travel or go, for instance; in the car, or on the plane, or even at any pal’s place, just when everyone else is occupied in watching NETFLIX on Television that too by holding the Joy-Cons rather than the entire console. Whatsoever, one needs to wait few more months to get their hand on this, though; Nintendo won’t be launching its adjustable stand for charging till 13th of July, 2018.