Tesla Powerbank

Tesla Introduces a $45 Powerbank to Charge iOS and Android Phones


At a recent event conducted by the largest electric car maker ‘Tesla‘ launched a Powerbank for iPhone and Android phones along with its fresh Roadster and semi-truck. The external battery pack will be used to charge your Android or iOS mobile phones when you are out. It might sound a little bit odd in hearing about the introduction of an external battery pack by Tesla. But the company does produce some batteries for consumer purpose too, for instance, Tesla Powerwall that is utilized to supply power in the homes (especially when a disaster occurs or power outage). The latest Powerbank which is released lately is made available on the official website of the company with same 18650 cell used in the Model S and X vehicles.

Coming to the technical specification, Tesla’s Powerbank is just like other external battery packs while the price tag of $45 is a bit steep. Finding cheaper devices is not a big deal in the market but they are confined to one type of phone, while, on the other hand, Tesla’s Powerbank is compatible with iPhone and Android too. The Powerbank is sleek in design and compact enough to carry easily anywhere in the world. According to some outlets, Tesla’s Powerbank were sold out but on the official website of the company, it is still listed as for sale.

There is one single question arising in the minds of several people that is a $45 external cellphone charger has a market or not? As most of the people on the earth, prefer buying cheaper offerings that are available online or offline but yes there is one thing, Tesla lovers who look to find something more unique would definitely go for it. Plus, it is beneficial to purchase if you are looking to buy a charger for different types of phones. You can even switch the charger to your friend’s phone if both are using different cell phones.