Twitter Announces Super Follows On iOS, To Let Users With 10K Followers Make Money From Subscription


Twitter has been actively making changes on its platform to make it more users friendly. At the same time, it is also integrating features that will allow people to make money from the microblogging site. The company has now rolled out Super Follow feature. This is a premium subscription option and is currently available on Twitter iOS. The feature was first revealed in February this year. It allows users to charge other users a subscription fee for accessing exclusive content. This is a monetization option for Twitter users who will be able to make money simply tweeting. But these tweets will be visible to only those who have subscribed for them. So the content tweeted will appear on the timeline of only Super Followers who are paying a fee in exchange for exclusive content.

The feature definitely lets Twitter users make money but it is limited to the test group right now. The feature can be used by this group of people in the United States who had already applied to try it out. Twitter users in America and Canada can Super Follow accounts that are part of the initial test group.

Twitter will allow Super Follows users to charge USD 2.99, USD 4.99 or USD 9.99 per month for exclusive content. The payments will be accepted through Stripe. According to the company, users will be eligible to get up to 70 per cent of total subscription revenue. The remaining 3 per cent will include third-party fees. This will be applicable till the time the total earnings made by a user via all monetization products available on Twitter reach the limit of USD 50,000. Once a user hits that limit, the company said that earning limit will be capped at 80 per cent after third-party fees. The application process for this was started in June. According to the company, users who don’t have access to the feature can apply for Super Follows.

Users can apply for a waitlist under the monetization tab in the Twitter app. But there are certain criteria that users need to fulfill to get eligible for applying for the feature. The most important is that users must have at least 10,000 followers and should be at least 18 years old. Also, users who want to apply for the feature must have tweeted at least 25 times in one month. Not to mention, the user must be a citizen of the United States and comply with Twitter’s Super Follows policy.

The users you have access to the Super Follow features can mark tweets that they want to send to subscribers only. Users can simply tweet to reach out to their usual followers on the platform. When Super Followers reply to tweets, there will be a badge under their names to differentiate them from unpaid followers. Twitter said that the feature would soon be available for Android and desktop. There are certain points that are controversial and Twitter users are demanding the company to work on them. One of them is that the income earned by users will be subjected to the standard 30 per cent in-app purchase fees. The fees are collected by Google and Apple. It must be noted that the Super Follow is not the first move towards monetization by Twitter.

Earlier, it introduced Tip Jar. The feature, introduced in May, allows anyone to send money to support eligible users in order to support them. This feature is right now limited to a group of accounts and is expected to be rolled for all users soon. Also, Twitter recently launched Ticketed Spaces for users. Those who applied for the feature back in June can now charge anything from one dollar to USD 999 for advanced ticketing. There have been flurry changes introduced by the social media platform in the recent past after a lull for a lengthy period.