Intel Vaunt Smart Glass

Intel Discloses Model for ‘Vaunt’ Smart Glasses


Intel’s new take on the Smart Glasses is an astonishingly simpler one and the glasses look far more normal and wearable due to its lack of any external equipment. For now, Intel will start an “early access program” that will be exclusively for developers later in the year and then move on to a formal release of the glasses. Vaunt, the new Smart Glasses, look exactly like ordinary spectacles and Intel has not included the camera, push buttons, LCD screen, speaker, the microphone and even the requirement of any gestures. Instead they have made use of the retina projection technology which allows the user to see the information as if on a screen when wearing the glasses, but actually it is being projected on the retina of the user.

The glasses are so designed that they weigh less than 50 grams so that there is no additional weight of the electronic equipment and batteries on the users head which will have a negative impact and make him/her uncomfortable. Thus the batteries are fitted on the stem so that it does not bend or change shape and neither will the weight affect directly. There is also a low power laser which projects a monochrome image of the information on a holographic reflector that then reflects the image on to the retina. The laser being of class one will not cause harm to the eyes. All hardware is very power efficient and Vaunt will include sensors like app processor, accelerometer and a compass along with a Bluetooth application.

Vaunt has been designed to look and feel like ordinary, customized spectacles. It does not harm the eyes and even the notification or the LED display is projected either below the relaxed line of sight or on the peripheral line of sight. Thus it is a device that can actually be worn normally without any hassle. Though at present the glasses are a bit large with plastic frames, Itai Vonshak, the head of products of Intel’s New Devices Group has hinted that they do need a new design as Vaunt will reflect the weare’s personality and choice while being extremely user friendly and convenient at the same time.

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