Amazon’s New Supermarket

Exit with No Checkouts at Amazon’s New Supermarket


A shift taken that could probably change the way how people do grocery shopping. Lately, on Monday 22 Jan 18, Amazon launches its first ever supermarket that too with no checkouts, both self-service and human, to all shoppers. For the last year, Amazon Go, has been tested by the staff. It makes use of an array of ceiling-mounted cameras for identifying each customer to keep a track on items they are selecting, by omitting the need for billing system.

Purchasers are billed to the credit cards of the customers’ during the time of leaving the store. Before making to the supermarket the shoppers need to scan their “Amazon Go app” from their Smartphone. Shelves within the store have sensors in them. The sensors add items to the customer’s bill at the time of picking up items, and delete the ones, which are put back to the shelves.

Back in December 2016, this online retail giant opened store to the employees, and had been presumed in allowing more publicly further quick. But there had occurred some teething issues in identifying shoppers correctly those having body types, along with kids keeping items on the wrong places within the shelves, as per an insider of the Amazon. The head of Amazon Go, Gianna Puerini told that during the test phase the store had operated well. This advanced technology has no existence, and that this was truly advancing the state of the art of the machine learning and computer vision.

Amazon not yet said anything about whether it will be opening more Go stores, which will be kept separated from the Whole Foods chain that it owned last year for $13.7billion. As of now the company has no plan in introducing this technology to the hundreds of stores of Whole Food. Amazon’s chief financial officer, Brian Olsavsky recently gave a bit clue that its competitors should expect more shops from Amazon in coming months and year ahead.

In October, Olsavsky also added that people will be seeing more expansion from them, and since it’s still in its early stage so those plans will be developing with time.