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Volkswagen has Decided To Increase The Production Of Cars In US By Partnering Up With Ford


After having a good meeting with president Donald Trump Volkswagen’s CEO, Herbert Diess officially announced that the company is trying to expand their production of cars in US soil and to achieve that target they are agreed to become a partner with Ford. Volkswagen currently has a limited number of production houses in the US, but after the meeting with president Trump, the CEO of Volkswagen has explicitly said that the company is going to expand their production factories in the US by partnering up with Ford motors. However, Volkswagen and Ford had announced their strategic alliance a few months ago, but neither of this company has taken any serious steps to form a good partnership.

A few days ago General Motor announced closing their significant car producing factories in the US soil due to which Donald Trump has got angrier on GM’s decision. Also according to many experts, Volkswagen is getting lots of good support from president Trump which is a good sign for the German automobile company who is seeking a great business opportunity in the USA. As of now, Volkswagen has one of the biggest car assembly plants in Chattanooga, Tennessee and now the company is trying to open another plant in neighboring states. After the decision of GM’s of closing their automobile making plants many local workers have gone jobless but if Volkswagen succeeds to few more factories in the US that will create more jobs for these US workers.

However, the trump administration has already decided to impose a tax rate of more than 25% on all the European imported items. But, after this meeting of President Trump and Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess, it seems like the company is seeing a good future in the US market. However, it will be interesting to see in how much time Volkswagen is going to take to open their major car-making factory in the USA.