WhatsApp Rolls Out New Storage Management Tool To Help Users Manage Phone Space


Instant messaging platform WhatsApp has announced to redesign its storage management tool. The new tool will help users manage their smartphone space. It will let users easily identify, review, and bulk delete content that is of no use. This way users can empty the storage filled with irrelevant content. WhatsApp in a statement said that the improved storage management tool is basically, an easy cleanup suggestion. It will automatically send notifications to users when smartphone storage is filled. It can bucket both large files and media and preview them before deleting. The tool can also identify forwarded messages. The tool can sort files by size in descending order and offer thumbnails of files.

Users can select multiple files and delete them in one go. The company said that the new storage management tool is being rolled out to users worldwide. To access the new tool, users will require going to the Settings option and the Storage and Data. Users will then have to tap the Manage Storage option. The current Storage Usage tool in WhatsApp only sorts all available chats concerning space. It lists the number of messages and files. The current tool also lets users delete files, but it has no provision to let users browse the content they are removing.

The tool offers suggestions to delete files bigger than 5MB. The suggestions also cover files that are forwarded multiple times. WhatsApp said that the new storage management tool is now live. The tool is useful for those facing storage issues. WhatsApp creates a copy of files whenever shared with contacts. This creates repeated copies. These repeated copies take space. WhatsApp is now a part of Facebook. It was acquired by Mark Zuckerberg in 2014. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, nearly 100 billion messages are exchanged daily on WhatsApp globally. Zuckerberg wants to integrate Facebook’s services to create a convenient channel for users to communicate. The company is already working on a project to allow users to send and receive messages across its family of apps.