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Frequent Faces Is The New Feature On Google Camera


Google is trying to make Google Camera more smart by adding frequent face feature in it. The tech giant company added new frequent face feature is going to recognize and focus on those people with whom you take photos quite frequently. The new event of google is just one week away in which the tech giant company is going to unveil latest Pixel 4 smartphones also other new hardware. Many pictures of leaked Pixel 4 smartphone are getting circulate on social media by fans. However, now this official news of having frequent face feature is undoubtedly going to increase the hype for this event.

Frequent face feature was first found out by a tech forum, and then the news got circulated over all websites. This new feature might be useful and also creepy at some time. Since people are already worried about data privacy and related issues, still Google has decided to take a walk on that path. Frequent face feature is going to recognize the face of people with whom you take photos frequently. All the data is going to be stored on a device and can be accessed by Google camera only.

The feature of frequent faces is going to be available when you access it from the locked screen. Google is taking quite an effort to make this feature more useful and less scary since many people are scared of using such things because of user data privacy issues. As of now, some tech experts are still sceptical about whether Google is going to unveil this feature at the next event or not. Since Google is trying to add more new features in pixel smartphones, fans are already excited about the launch. It will be just a matter of a few days to recognize whether this new feature is going to be hit or not.