Xiamoi Mi 11

Xiamoi Mi 11 Phone Will Come Sans Charger In Retail Box, Expects Backlash

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Smartphone companies keep experimenting with new things and sometimes even try to copy what their competitors do. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is now trying to something for which it mocked Apple. The company has confirmed that its upcoming Mi11 phone will come without a charger. However, the company has cited environmental concerns behind this decision. The development has been confirmed by Lei Jun, the chief executive officer of Xiaomi. It comes days after Xiaomi joined OnePlus and Samsung in mocking Apple’s decision to not include chargers with their upcoming iPhone12. But Samsung is now removing the post in which the company mocked Apple as the company is about to ship Galaxy S21 series without power adopters.

June said that providing chargers with every handset creates an environmental burden. The CEO of Xiaomi made this announcement on social media site Weibo. He said that it is well thought of decision as this is going to reduce the environmental burden. Earlier in October, Xiaomi had released a derisive video on its social media platform. In the video, Xiaomi said that it does not leave anything out of the box. Just a few weeks later, the company has unabashedly announced that its upcoming smartphone will not have a charger. And the company cited the protection of the environment as the reason behind it.

Samsung too took a pot shot at Apple with its ad in which the company highlighted the point that chargers are included in the retail box of Galaxy. Later the ad was apparently deleted as rumours suggest that Galaxy S21 phones of Samsung will not include chargers in the retail box. Similarly, Xiaomi released a short video for its Mi 10T Pro in which the company prominently highlighted the charger inside the Mi 10T box. While companies claim their concern towards the environment as the reason behind the decisions, several experts believe that it’s a way to check the rise in prices of products.