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Black Panther Dominates the Wonderland Disney Story; Wrinkle in Time and Tops the Box Office Weekend

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The Marvel’s “Black Panther” seemed prevailing superheroic at the North American box office’s fourth week with almost $41.1 million at around 3,942 locations, topping with much ease the opening weekend of the fantasy adventure “Wrinkle in Time” at 3,980 sites with $33.5 million, as viewed by the Sunday estimate. What had been considered as a close competition amid Disney titles for the first place has seen changing into an easy victory for the Marvel’s “Black Panther”. The Marvel inscription dwindled only about 38% and spawned the third-highest in its fourth weekend of all time, dangling only “Star Wars-The Force Awakens”, and “Avatar”.

Within just 24 days collecting $562 million, Black Panther now holds the seventh-highest domestic earner of all time. Since the “Star Wars-The Force Awakens”, it’s the first film to lead the box office of North America for four consecutive weekends and has brought home $1.08 billion worldwide, the 21st highest ever till date.

A 37 percent out of total audiences gave the ”excellent” rating to Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time”, and another 38 percent gave it the rating; “very good”. The President for the worldwide distribution for Disney; Dave Holis told to Variety that “A Wrinkle in Time” and “Black Panther” reckoned for incorporation through their depictions of strong minority and female characters. He also added that audiences prefer in view themselves on the big screen and that proves to be a good business for them, as inclusion and representation matter.

The 15th weekend of Fox Searchlight’s “Shape of Water” followed in 12th at 1,552 venues with $2.4 million, up 63% as 720 screens were added by the studio to the fantasy drama of Guillermo del Toro that won the best director and best picture award at the Academy Awards. “Shape of Water” grossed $6 million in 101 days.  “Thouroughbreds” the thriller of the Focus Features opened with a silent $1.2 million on almost 549 screens. Both “Love Simon” by Fox and “Tomb Raider” by Warner Bros, face a daunting competition from the “Black Panther’s” fifth weekend that could withstand the first place again.