An Overenergic Student Showed Up At Microsoft For A Job Interview A Month Earlier

An Overenergic Student Showed Up At Microsoft For A Job Interview A Month Earlier


The problem with unemployed people is not that they don’t have any job but that they have too much time and energy to do those things which are not necessary and that’s what happened recently in Microsoft office. According to the recent reports which state that an over-enthusiastic student showed up at Microsoft for her job interview a month earlier. Laura MacLean who is 21 years old student of management and marketing in the UK was ready to give her interview with Microsoft via Skype call until she realised that she has appeared for the meeting a month earlier. While talking about her experience, she told to a digital media company that “I didn’t want to lose the only one chance I’ve got; also these types of opportunities can’t get by everyone for the second time.”

However, when she showed up to the Skype for Microsoft’s interview, she didn’t receive any call from the company’s recruiters, and in fear of what happened, she emailed the recruiter that she didn’t receive a call from them regarding interview. In response to her query, the recruiter told her via email that the meeting is on 18th of February and not on January. After realising her mistake aura Maclean tried to apologise for her silly mistake, and she emailed to the recruiter in which she said that “Sorry for the inconvenience, I am just slightly confused.” She shared all of this incident through her Twitter account in which she mentioned that she was dying of embarrassment when the received the email which stated that her interview is next month for the same date and time.

IIt seems like someone is trying to be too much punctual, but from this incident, one thing’s sure that interviews with big companies like Microsoft can make you feel nervous and due to which you might commit some silly mistakes like this one.

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