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2019 Flagship Of Samsung: Galaxy S10 Could Be Everything That Galaxy S9 Isn’t

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The Galaxy S9 of Samsung is a marvellous Smartphone, being even more useful than its predecessor, the design-shifting, industry-changing Galaxy S8. However, in spite of this, 2018 flagship of Samsung hasn’t made it much to the way of being a blasting hit compared to its top most rivals; the iPhone-X. For several fans and critics of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S9 was everything like the S8 was, may be even slightly more.

This lead to a prominent criticism for the 2018 Samsung Galaxy flagship, thus Forbes downright suggested to Smartphone fans for skipping the device and wait for the S10 rather than that. What’s the cause behind it? The Galaxy S9 is simply way too evolutionary to be worthy of a purchase. Coupled with the premium price of the device, there was a bit about the Galaxy S9 and it’s truly stood out.

To any extent, it was more of an Android equivalent to the “S” generation of iPhone, in a way that it only had inclusion of few incremental updates. In several other ways the idea to wait for the Galaxy S10 does makes sense, considering that the forthcoming Smartphone will most probably include features that consumers have long waited for. Among all these are a new design and in-screen finger-print scanner, alike the Samsung Galaxy S8 of 2017, which is rumoured to bring a change to the industry once again.

As per a report from the South Korean based publication; The Bell, Samsung has brushed up the mass production of various new features for its 2019 forthcoming flagship device. The Bell also marked that the Galaxy S10 will be devised in a new design, which is literally made to blow it rivals out. Apart from the finger-print sensor the publication also contended that it has managed to create its own 3D facial scanning technology like Apple.

Samsung was way conservative with its Galaxy S9; however with its new flagship-Galaxy S10 it has another opportunity to lead the market again. But to lead the pack it surely needs a flagship to rise above the competition, which the Galaxy S9 was not but Galaxy S10 might be.