Ray Dalio

According Ray Dalio China Slowdown Is Affecting On World Economy


Currently, the Global economy has become a topic of discussion because there are lots of predictions and opinions coming from various experts who are stating that global economy is getting slowed down because of the countries like China and Ray Dario Founder of Bridgewater Associates also said similar things. In a recent conference at world economic forum Ray Dario who is an expert hedge fund manager said that the reason why China’s economy is slowing down is that the country is trying to restructure its debt and controlling the demand. This might be good for the long term but as of now, the nation’s facing downfall in its economic growth rate. Dario mentions that China is famous for its reforms and currently the government is implementing a lot of reforms because recently the country has given an exemption for the manufacturing sector businesses because of their slow growth.

According to Ray Dario the trade war between the US and China is also making the Chinese economy terrible, and if the Chinese economy is going down, then it will affect everything across the world. The European countries have a negative growth rate since many sectors are not performing well in there and The US is also on the verge of recession since many economists are predicting that the country’s economic growth rate might go to zero. All of these things are impacting on the global economy. Ray Dario further mentions that this trade dispute is creating a lot of capital deficit for both countries and they need to stop it since it’s killing many small scale businesses.

Currently, the situation is much more complex and severe than anybody’s expectations, and Ray Dario thinks that the US might have a more significant amount of debts in the next one or two years. Before getting into recession, the US government will also have to implement good reforms.