Steven Spielberg Faced Lots Of Criticism For Blocking Netflix Films Into Academy Awards

Steven Spielberg Faced Lots Of Criticism For Blocking Netflix Films Into Academy Awards


Hollywood industry is currently got divided into two groups because of the recent controversy of Steven Spielberg and Netflix. A renowned director Steven Spielberg who has made films like Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, etc. has raised his concerns over Netflix’s growing popularity. According to Spielberg films made by Netflix shouldn’t be nominated to Oscars because the company is directly harming the theatrical experience of watching a movie. This year’s Oscars was pretty much most controversial one because Spielberg made sure that Netflix doesn’t receive any nominations for their film, but that did not happen. Netflix produced films like Roma, Ballad Of Buster Scruggs won many awards and silenced its critics. According to various sources which shows that Steven has always been serious about a threat which traditional movie industry is going to receive from movie streaming services. Netflix is undoubtedly one of those companies which are dominating the industry and people are also enjoying it.

Now on social media, many other filmmakers who think Spielberg criticism against Netflix is wrong and everyone has a right to make films. Accordingly, Ava DuVernay director who receives her first Oscar nomination in 2017 for documentary ”13th” has criticized Spielberg for not allowing Netflix films on Academy platform. Before the Oscars nominations, Netflix decided to release its movies in a selected number of theatres. Now some people think Netflix is following all the norms which they should so they deserve Oscar nominations like any other production houses. Movie streaming giant has already collaborated with many big celebrities from Hollywood for example company is making one of its high budgeted film The Irishman. This film has star cast of Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and it’s getting directed by one of the legendary person Martin Scorsese.

Filmmakers who have worked with Netflix said that the company is providing an opportunity to show their talents and that’s why they’re supporting Netflix. So this battle between Spielberg vs Netflix is getting a severe turn, and it will be interesting to see how Steven will respond to this criticism from movie fans.

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