Oscars 2019

Oscars Are Getting Criticised For Its Hard Decisions


The Oscar is undoubtedly one of the most watched award shows in the history of television, but it seems like this year’s Oscars are not going to be like old ones. Recently Oscars committee said that they are going to remove the four categories from its live broadcast and will give the awards to the winners of each category during commercial breaks. After the news came to public, many people started their rage against the committee and said removing such class of awards from the live broadcast is not a good thing. If we look into Oscars history, then it has always been controversial because some actors and actress have accused the committee of being racists. So this is not a new thing that this year also Oscars are going through lots of controversies. A few days ago committee decided to include one new category which is the best popular film of the year, but after getting criticism, the committee agreed to drop that category.

Some experts have accused Oscars that they are trying to give more preference to Disney superhero movies and that’s why Black Panther has got so many nominations this year. Now committee has decided to exclude the following categories awards from live broadcast: Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Makeup, and Best Short Feature. Now many movie critics are bashing Oscars for not giving preference to such great fields of cinema because cinematography and film editing are one of the hardest tasks which deserve people’s attention. Oscars has always got high privilege from all the film industries from many years, but now due to such type of decisions, they’re indirectly sending the wrong message.

This year’s Oscars is going to be broadcast on 24th of February, and even if the committee has decided not to include such categories, it will still be watched by millions of people. It will be interesting to see whether all the controversies which Oscars is going through will affect on its audience or not.