Game Of Thrones Season 8 Has More Than $90 Million Of Budget

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Has More Than $90 Million Of Budget

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Game of Thrones is that TV show which has millions of fan following. Recently HBO released a trailer of upcoming season which has created a massive hype among GOT fans. Everyone’s waiting to see what’s going to happen next because this season will be the last one and that’s why HBO is planning to make it one of the most successful season. According to reports released by HBO game of thrones season 8 will have only 6 episodes, but they will be more than one hour long so don’t think that you are going to miss any action. But one thing which shocked us is that it’s been said that HBO has spent more than $90 million on this year’s season. This season is going to be full of battles between the Army of dead and Westeros and to make every scene perfect HBO has spent an enormous amount of money into this season.

When HBO said that this season is going to have only six episodes many fans got disappointed because of it. But, after watching the trailer, we can firmly say that the money has wisely spent by HBO. Two days ago trailer of final season released by HBO and since that moment every GOT fan on social media have started to share their own version of fan theories. In last of Game of Thrones, we saw dragon’s getting turned into dead and night’s king marching towards Westeros with the army of dead.

Now everyone’s looking to see a vast battle between Jon Snow’s army vs the army of dead. HBO has spent considerable money to give us the most significant battle in show’s history. So far we didn’t see any script or plot of this season’s getting leaked. It seems like the team of HBO is carefully watching over every small detail since it could be a huge turning point for the entire show.

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