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Nintendo Switch May Finally Get Diablo 3

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For quite some time now, there has been a lot of speculation regarding whether or not Diablo 3 will be coming to The Nintendo Switch and now it seems that this just might happen. There was no surety before and even though there is no proper or official confirmation, the possibility of Diablo 3 has gone up in the past week because of a report has been released by Eurogamer. According to them the development of Diablo 3 has been going on in close connection to The Nintendo Switch. This was probably confirmed by certain sources that choose to remain unnamed but it presents hope for enthusiasts and potential clients.

If the rumours of the development of Diablo 3 and about it coming to The Nintendo Switch are true then it would mean a big deal for The Nintendo Switch. The Diablo 3 will prove to be a huge set either for the home section or console of The Nintendo platform or of its portable hybrid and Diablo 3 would be the first Blizzard game to be coming to The Nintendo Switch in more than ten years with means the commercial aspect of this would be immense and the gaming market would be massively influenced, which makes this development an even more important process that needs to be followed.

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The rumours began fresh when a message (“sweet dreams”) accompanied by a Diablo GIF appeared on Twitter and people immediately thought to be some indication about the Diablo 3 even though Blizzard did not confirm and rather denied having anything to do with it. But Eurogamer usually does not come up with fictional sources. However, until any further information is provided it is impossible to know what kind of version we are looking at; whether it is Rise of the Necromancer version or the Reaper of the Souls or simply plain Diablo. But whatever it is, it will fit perfectly with The Nintendo Switch just like similar ones before!