Facebook Is Considering to Rename Whatsapp And Instagram

Facebook Is Considering to Rename Whatsapp And Instagram


Mark Zuckerberg, who is the CEO and founder of one of the largest tech company, is trying to change the name of Instagram and Whatsapp. Even though some people know that Facebook owns Instagram, and whatsapp, Mark is tired of not getting credit for maintaining these two platforms. Now he thinks Facebook should get a loan along with these two social media platforms. He is planning to do that by changing the names of Instagram and Whatsapp.

Reportedly Mark is thinking of names like “Instagram from Facebook and whatsapp from Facebook. Doesn’t sound good, right? But for Mark, it might be a good name for large social media platforms. Instagram and Whatsapp got acquired by Facebook a few years ago, and Mark is following “eating your competitors” principles to maintain the monopoly. However, after acquiring majority stakes, only some people might know that it’s facebook, which is managing these companies. Mark has got fed up with it and now wants to make sure everyone knows about facebook by attaching names to these big platforms.

However, Facebook hasn’t confirmed the names which are circulating on social media, but officials have said they are planning to make a change. As of now, no one knows what type of names Whatsapp and instagram are going to get, but Mark will be the one for sure behind this new change. People usually remember those names which are catchy, whatsapp and Instagram are already famous among people. From last few years, both companies founders have parted their ways and left working with Mark. A report showed founders of Whatsapp had a strong disagreement with Mark over some issues. However, since Facebook owns the majority of the stake in both of these companies, they can change names without anyone’s consent.

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