OnePlus Is Reportedly Thinking Of Making Cheap Phones Again


The world is currently looking at the smartphones priced well above a thousand dollars, and now here’s PnePlus company, which still thinks people need more cheap phones. In a recent interview given by the CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau, he said the company yet hasn’t given up on producing affordable phones. Although other companies are planning to build costliest smartphones to bring more profits, OnepLus thinks the other way. Pete Lau said the company is thinking of making more cheap phones for its Indian market since the popularity of OnePlus has grown quite a lot; they are launching more cheap phones.

After such a launch in India, these cheap phones will also be made available in North America and Europe. The competition currently isn’t about the unique features with the affordability, and OnepLus wants to use it for their benefit. Although all of these are speculation, the company is speculated to launch the OnePlus Z smartphone. Lau seemed to be quite confident about cheap phones having more demand. According to him, there are tons of people who can’t afford expensive smartphones, and launching devices for them will be beneficial for the company. As we all know, OnePlus is the brand that established its empire based on launching good smartphones at affordable prices.

The long rumor of launching Oneplus Z is still a rumor because the CEO didn’t talk about it; instead, he focused on mentioning about the company’s plan. Lau said about building affordable smartphones while maintaining the quality which everyone wants in a smartphone. People’s tendency in the Asian market is quickly observed by the OnePlus, and they targeted it smartly, which other companies failed. Still, we don’t know the actual product the company is going to launch but got an insight into how OnePlus is thinking of the future.