Disney+ Executive Kevin Mayer Is Set To Become The CEO TikTok

Disney+ Executive Kevin Mayer Is Set To Become The CEO TikTok


The successful launch of Disney streaming platform was done by the executive Kevin Mayer who is now set to become the CEO of famous video app company TikTok. Disney+ launch was quite more significant and more anticipated in the market; it was successfully managed by Kevin Mayer. However, now he is set to become the CEO of tikTok, which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance. Mayer’s appointment is going to be happening on June 1, and he will also become the chief operating officer of ByteDance. Tik Tok is a popular video music app which lets users create short videos.

The app is getting popular among teenagers who like to create short music videos and share them with their friends. TikTok has given a hint that they are going to build a music streaming business in upcoming days, and plan to collaborate with UK based music rights agency Merlin. The company is using advanced artificial intelligence to make suggestions to the users based upon their search history. In November, the US security council started national security review after ByteDance purchased music video app company Musicl.ly which later became TikTok. The US government is raising lots of questions on the security of TikTok’s data considering a Chinese company owns it.

Two senators have presented a bill not to use this application by federal employees. However, Mayer is now going to handle the much simplified, and controversial app-based company tik tok. The speculation of Kevin getting on the board of Tiktok started when Disney named Robert Chapek as the chief executive officer of the company. The executive at Disney said lack of operating experience was the main reason why Mayer did not get the job. However, now he will be leading one of the most famous music video apps in the USA, which will put a lot of pressure on his shoulder.

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