Tesla Is Soon Going To Build Its Next Factory In Austin, Texas


The pandemic situation has left many people jobless, and leading entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to use this time to maintain their existing businesses. Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur who is known for leading companies Tesla, SpaceX, has gone into a verbal war with California lawmakers. However, during these hard times, Elon Musk is trying to build a mega factory in Austin, Texas. A report shows that Elon Musk has told engineers who are working at the Nevada factory to start working on a gigafactory project soon. He told them to build a blueprint of building a tera factory in Austin, or near the city.

Currently, workers and engineers working at the Nevada gigafactory are expecting to develop Cybertruck and Model Y cars by the end of this year. Since Elon Musk is quite hopeful of building another gigafactory in Texas, he told engineers to work on it quickly. Elon is thinking of expanding the current production capacity of Cybertrucks and Model Y cars, and that’s why he wants to start a new gigafactory. According to reports, the new Giga factory in Austin, Texas, will help the company build more cars and electric trucks by the end of next year.

Tesla already has some good connections in Austin, Texas, and wants to use that to build another excellent factory for production. The company has already hired a bunch of chip engineers from AMD, for the office in Austin. So there is no surprise to the fact that Musk likes the business conditions offered in this region. Tesla is trying quite hard to push cars out of the factory by the end of this year, which is going to require lots of work. However, this new source proves the fact that Elon is leaning towards Austin, Texas, for building Giga factories.