Facebook Releases Beta Version of Workplace Chat

Facebook Releases Beta Version of Workplace Chat


Social media and internet giant Facebook has released the beta version of Workplace Chat. If you’re wondering what Workplace Chat is, it is Workplace platform’s desktop application. This application allows members of a workplace or organization to chat and work together. Facebook is using its already in place resources to make the most of the new applications. The company is using its own trust and popularity to push this new venture. The Workplace Chat’s beta version is compatible with both Windows PC and Apple Macs.

According to Facebook, the application was developed after repeated requests by customers. The application is in beta version. Workplace customers are giving their feedback on Facebook. These feedbacks and suggestions will be used to further make improvements and updates to the application. The Workplace is a professional platform. While using a personal account, the user can notify and share information regarding work with fellow co-workers.

The application has notification button similar to other chat apps. Users can share video, pictures, voice calling, file sharing etc. The application also has the feature of streaming live videos. The application also enables live streaming of 360-degree recordings. Facebook allows Workplace platform for free but there is the price for a premium version.

Users can share the screen with other co-workers. However, in order to maintain privacy the control of screen sharing feature lies with the user. The application is supported by 64-bit Windows 7 and above. For Apple Mac users the application is supported by macOS 10.9 and above. The application is currently used internally by Facebook employees. This is being done to point out glitches and scope for improvement.