A Major Shareholder Of Tesla Said Company Is Going To Be The Next Amazon

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When a company is in a startup phase, many people will misjudge it and will say that such companies will not survive in future currently Tesla is going through such a situation. However, according to a significant shareholder of Tesla Inc Cathie Wood doesn’t think that way. According to Cathie Tesla is in the same condition as Amazon was back in its early days. Amazon faced lots of criticism at its first stage, and some people even criticized that it won’t sustain for more than five years, but now that company has a monopoly over an e-commerce industry.

Cathie thinks tesla’s shares will touch benchmark of $4000 in upcoming five years and those people who are criticizing it right now will regret about their harsh words later. She thinks Elon Musk is the right person to manage a company like Tesla and if he has been through lots of controversies he still can lead the company into right direction. According to her, Jeff Bezos kept investing money into Amazon years after years, and the same thing is happening with Tesla. Tesla is that tech company which faced criticism because Elon Musk leadership took the company into near bankruptcy.

Elon Musk a few months ago tweeted some controversial things due to which many people criticized his way of handling Tesla, but after looking at company’s recent quarterly performance, it seems like company is heading into the right direction. Tesla’s shares currently valued at $305 stock and if we make calculations according to Cathie’s statement then in five years shares of the company will have to get increased by more than 1200 percent. Tesla is currently growing its production of famous Model 3 cars and soon going to launch new vehicles also. It would be interesting to see how Elon Musk is going to lead one of the biggest tech companies in silicon valley.