Jogging Can Reduce Depression

Study Found That 15 Minutes Of Jogging Can Reduce The Risk Of Depression

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A person who is feeling depressed or anxious about small things can get out of that hard phase by doing some exercise. According to a recent health study done by researchers in which they studied more than 600000 individuals, it’s been found that a little bit of exercise can reduce the risk of depression. Participants who did exercise even for a few minutes were least likely to suffer from depression or any other mental illness. Sometimes a person will go through a hard phase because of some trauma, and such type of things can make them depressed and sad about their life.

However, at that time it’s better to rely on exercise because it can somehow help you to reduce the mental pressure which you’re getting. At the end of this health, study researchers said people don’t have to engage in high-intensity exercise to keep their mental health good. Even 15 minutes of jogging can also do wonder if done consistently. One of the critical points of this health study was that a person should have to be active and do exercise daily. Now an activity could be anything like gardening, jogging or etc. When a person sits idle and does nothing, it will automatically make them feel sad or hallow.

As a human being, we are prepared to do something because a lazy person who does nothing but sits idle is indirectly inviting depression and lots of anxiety. National Institute of mental health said that in 2016 more than 16.2 million youth people suffered from depression or related problems. In the USA problem of depression is getting serious since many teenagers and youngsters are slightly slipping into depression, and experts are advising to do jogging for at least 15 minutes to stay healthy.