Huawei Has Been Of Using Some Tactics to Steal Apple’s Trade Secret

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When it comes to businesses there are very few companies in the tech industry which produces authentic and innovative products and Apple is undoubtedly one of them. However, according to recent reports Chinese tech giant Huawei has been accused of stealing a trade secret from Apple. Huawei which is one of the largest smartphone making company in the world is going through lots of controversies from last few days. FBI a few days ago said that they had found some pieces of evidence which prove that Huawei uses reverse engineering process to make its products and it copies designs of other companies products. However, according to recent reports, it’s been found that Huawei has been in talks with one of the primary supplier of Apple to see how much does Apple pays for a heart-rate sensor used in Apple’s watch.

Huawei has been on the radar of trump administration because Trump has already alleged that the giant Chinese company uses immoral practices to get ahead of its competitors. Huawei has approached those suppliers of Apple who now has stopped working with the company, and they wanted to get the information about Apple’s products design. Huawei is getting lots of hit because of an ongoing trade war between US-China, but it seems like the tech company might have to face some severe allegations if Apple decides to file a suit against it. There has been another incident in which Apple’s former employee went for an interview in Huawei where he was asked many suspicious questions regarding Apple’s products and its designs only.

Currently, all of these are just allegations made on Chinese tech giant company, but if Huawei found to be guilty in any of them, then it will diminish its reputation. Sometimes a company will have to spend decades to earn about a huge amount of goodwill, but it can get ruined with few allegations only.