Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientist Found A New Way Through Which Alzheimer’s Disease Can Be Prevented


When it comes to memory loss or anything like that, then Alzheimer is that disease which can give a person more pain even without knowing them because in this disease a person would start losing its memory. However, according to a new study done by a researcher, they found a way through which one can know whether they are going to get diagnosed with Alzheimer or not. A group of researchers from Washington University at St. Louis plus the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Tübingen found that with a blood test they can predict whether a person might get Alzheimer’s in the future or not. Researchers said that they with the help of a protein called “neurofilament light chain” they can predict the symptoms of Alzheimer which will ultimately help the person to get the required precautions. However, the in this study the researchers found that higher the amount of neurofilament light chain in our blood cell the higher will be chances of getting Alzheimer.

Many researcher and trials are going on across the world about Alzheimer, but no one has found significant information relating Alzheimer disease. There are millions of people who get diagnosed with this disease and even after getting spending tons of amount of money these people don’t get the necessary treatment. Now the group of scientists have found this way of predicting symptoms of Alzheimer’s, but some are saying that it might not give appropriate results since it has many limitations. However, researchers of this study noted that those who have a history of getting Alzheimer have higher chances of getting this disease.

However, these patients who get Alzheimer’s genetically have one advantage that they have more clear symptoms of getting Alzheimer than anybody else, but those who don’t have any history of this disease might need to get through such type of blood test which would help them to get necessary precautions.