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Advanced Battery Technology Plays a Major role in Tesla’s Big Promises


One of the largest electric car manufacturers, Tesla has recently launched its fresh Tesla Semi and new Tesla Roadster that managed to amaze the observers utilized to the car producer’s snooty ambitions. Once they come to the market, the Roadster will be known as the fastest-accelerating manufactured car in the globe, while the Tesla Semi is supposed to deliver more range on a low price which is unprecedented or so, said Tesla.

As per Bloomberg’s latest analysis those promises that are made by the American automaker, energy storage company, Tesla, would be difficult or unfeasible to fulfill with batteries on the market in this era. At present the price of the battery is estimated more than $100,000 for a freight truck with around 500 miles or range, Bloomberg added, but the company evaluates that the whole truck would cost only $180,000.

Correspondingly, the promising range and power for the Tesla Roadster will certainly take a battery more than twice, and as giant as anything in a present Model S or Model X. According to an analyst, the promises of Tesla don’t fit in any realistic approach and he doesn’t think that it’s physically possible for the company to do it in the present scenario.

There is another major question and it is based on the charging section. As the automaker company says, Tesla Semi will be able to cover 400 miles by sucking electricity in just 30 minutes which means, the charging must be more than 10 times faster than company’s latest most excellent chargers.

Check the trick: Tesla Semi isn’t launched to hit the road until late 2019 and fresh Tesla Roadster isn’t due until 2020. A dramatic drop in the battery prices and sizes has been noticed in the last 5 years and several projections have them dropper by next half then. The same comes to power density, which means that with the passage of time, the Roadster and Tesla Semi go into a complete scale production level; batteries may well be high-quality enough to do what the CEO Elon Musk is promising.

A battery expert from Carnegie Mellon University talking to Jalopnik agreed that the promising performance of the Roadster is at least theoretically plausible, although to fulfill the requirement of promising agenda, the company might need advances in tire technology as well.

Declaring products years before getting the required perfect technology to make them function is definitely an unconventional approach. It’s not likely to soothe critics of electric maker Tesla’s rapid spending, that have a propensity to see displays like the Roadster expose as media stunts intended to raise badly-required cash.

In addition to it, trendlines actually don’t manufacture products so the automaker will have to do much of the work to enhance the quality of batteries while making them cheaper. It has already done a lot of that with the raised capacity brought online by the company’s Nevada Gigafactory, though there is a glitch there, too. It was unveiled recently that battery production plays a major role in slowing down the production of any electric car such as in the case new Model 3 sedan. The batteries issues led the production down for new Model 3 sedan.

It’s all about execution of things. Though, so far, Elon Musk and his company have managed to bring the products that they have set for themselves and were counted in the biggest challenges. But they have barely managed to go beyond the cross line as they had hoped.