BMW i8 Roadster

BMW Presents a Brand New Steaming Plug-in Hybrid i8 Roadster at the L.A. Auto Show


When other renowned electric automobile companies were out with automated cars many gave up the thought that BMW would hardly be coming with any electric cars. But lately a revelation at the Auto Show in Los Angeles BMW unfolded the wrap and the brand new sizzling i8 roadster changed the attitude towards BMW’s not aggressive about electric cars. It features an enhanced performance and an electric floating convertible top.

The i8 roadster is a convertible soft-top version of the BMW plug-in hybrid i8 sports coupe. It steps in the market with a new and high voltage improved battery that allows for enlarged storage capacity and an increase in over-all electric range.  BMW has also attuned great performance fusion of a powerful gasoline engine and an electric power-train to squash out an extra horsepower of 12 hp for an all total of 369hp. It also has new colors with new soft-top and powerful battery capacity of 18 miles of pure electric range.

The body is made of aluminum with carbon-fiber passenger cell. Also, the exterior look has been boldly updated. The sleek new i8 roadster has a tonneau convertible cover. The front wheels of the vehicle, the rear, and the gasoline engine is driven by an electric motor. The electric top bends down in 16 seconds when the car is in up to 31 mph motion. The highest speed is 155 mph.

To maximize the all over performance and fuel efficiency the i8 BMW coupe has been prized with advanced software, which results in further situations where the electric motor is capable of moving the car ahead without having to ask for the internal motor for combustion. When the battery charge state is fully saturated, the combustion engine then only engages during hard acceleration. This shift not only maximizes the efficiency of fuel but also delivers the quietist experience to its drivers.

The latest i8 goes for around $145,000. Sometime in the next spring the new version-coupe and the i8 roadster goes down for sale.  The new i8 roadster is just a peek through into the world of future BMW brand.