futuristic Bionic Hand

A futuristic Bionic Hand Gives Back Life to a Woman’s Hand to Touch, Feel, and Senses Again


A bionic novel hand developed by a team of experts of multinational robotics has restored the ability of a hand in a woman to sense things and it is portable enough to be now used outside the library. For several scientists have worked on robotic limbs for bringing back amputees, ability to hold, touch, and even interact with objects. The goal always has been to fill a vital gap in their lives using technology. However, majority of the focus has been on the ability to stick on to objects than to revive the sense of touch, which is of much importance.

Well things have changed in current times. A team of researchers from Rome has unfolded the first bionic hand ever that restores the sense of hold, touch, and is compact to be worn and step outside a laboratory, as per the reports by BBC.

The robotic hand that closely resembles a realistic hand, was been given to a woman named Almerina Mascarello, who has lost her left hand in an accident over 20 years ago. Almerina used this prototype biotic hand for about six months and was able to tell whether an object was soft was hard. She told to the BBC that the feeling was impetuous as if it was her real hand, and with the hand she finally was capable of doing things that earlier was hard to manage or do, such as; mending hair, getting dressed, and putting on shoes like all random yet important things. She said with it she feels complete.

The mechanism behind this robotic hand is pretty neat. It mixes a portable computer with sophisticated sensors for determining whether an object is soft or hard and then translates all that information into readable signals for the brain to understand. Once the process is done the signals get relayed to the brain through tiny electrodes. This hand creates upon a previous version that performed the same job but was bit bulky to be carried out anywhere outside of laboratory.

A neuroengineer at EPFL, Silvestro Micera told to BBC that they are going further into science fiction movies with bionic hands like characters in Star Wars, which is fully natural and is fully controlled.