British PM Theresa May Left All Alone at Tory Conference

British PM Theresa May Left All Alone at Tory Conference


The sequence of events at Tory Conference failed to show any support for British Prime Minister Theresa May. No one seemed convinced that Theresa May has the potential to deliver on the policies concerning the much-hyped Brexit. The decision to exit the European Union has still not met the imaginations and decisiveness of Theresa May. The applaud she received for coughing was seen more as humor rather than support. Another thing which caught people’s attention was that Theresa was wearing a bracelet of mini-portraits of Frida Kahlo. Many said that Theresa might be the social justice warrior instead of the talented Prime Minister.

The only positive headline that came out of the conference was regarding organ-donation. The process will now be opt-out instead of the earlier opposed opt-in. The whole conference was somewhat marred by controversy. The theme tune of the conference “You’ve got the Love” by Florence and the Machine created quite the stir. Florence Welch pulled back the association of her song with the event.

Boris Johnson delivered a powerful and impactful speech. His speech on One Nation Conservatism and a Global Britain was applauded by a packed and appreciative house. Johnson departed to the loud roar of the attendees. Many at this year’s Tory conference said that the time has come for Theresa May to quit. In a brutal editorial in Evening Standard Grant Shapps called for the PM to resign. Shapps reportedly has the support of 40 MPs while 48 MPs are needed for a vote of no confidence in the British Parliament.

Many at the conference believed that is time for the young 2015-2017 intakes to make a move and modernize the Conservative Party. Names that have reportedly come up to succeed party are James Cleverly, MP for Braintree. James Cleverly is the leader of Conservative Party in London Assembly. Johnny Mercer, MP from Plymouth is another name fast making the news.