Us Turkey Sign Of Deteriorating Alliance

The United States And Turkey Suspends Visitor Visa Services, In Sign Of Deteriorating Alliance


With the increasing strained alliance between the United States and Turkey took a shocking downward turn on October 8, 2017 (Sunday), it happened when the both governments of the US and Turkey abruptly took a decision on suspending most visitor visas causing confusion among most travels and disclosing a widening gap between the NATO nations.

The crises arose when the U.S. Embassy in the largest capital of Turkey proclaimed canceling all non-immigrant visa services immediately across the nation. The move took place when the government of Turkey arrested a consulate employee of the United States in Istanbul.

According to the US embassy statement, latest events made the US government to reassess the commitment of govt. of Turkey to the security of US mission and personnel. After 24 hours, the Turkish embassy in Washington retaliated by issuing a statement that is quite an identical statement to the one released by the U.S. Embassy.

The tit-for-tat moves explained how the serious alliance between Turkey and the United States, anchored in the military, intelligence, and commercial links, has been battered in current months by a sequence of profound disagreements over the battle in Syria.

The tensions have destabilized vows by the president of United States Donald Trump to fix the American ties with Turkey after they became frayed in the reign of President Barack Obama.

The country Turkey, which earnestly pursued membership in the EU (European Union), has also separated from European nations, especially from Germany.

The arrest of the U.S. consulate employee named Metin Topuz opened up the strains publicly between the two nations.

The authorities of Turkey accused Metin Topuz of spying and connections with exiled cleric Gulen. In a statement issued by the U.S. embassy, the arrest was “deeply disturbing” as in their eyes the charges were without merit.

In the last week, Metin Topuz was remanded in custody over the terror charges by Istanbul court.

In a recent meeting with Turkish journalists, the U.S. ambassador John R. Bass said that the arrest of Topuz doesn’t strike him as a pursuing justice. Despite it seemed him more a pursuit of vengeance.

The strains between the nations began when US President Donald Trump joined the office. Turkey vigorously demanded the extradition of cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is accused of masterminding an unsuccessful attempt to topple the government of Turkey in the month of July last year. And the Turkish officials have attempted to discharge Reza Zarrab who is a well-known Turkish-Iranian gold trader facing the charge in the US for evading sanctions on Iran.