Tesla Model 3

Dream Steps into Reality; Tesla Consumers Gets Their First Sight of the Model 3

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The Tesla Model 3 has got pre-order from over 45,000 people, which is the first mass-market sedan of the company. Dozens of reservation holders of the D.C. area on this Friday morning, many of whom have paid the amount of $1,000 back last year for reserving the vehicle, for the first time now witnessed the car face to face at the showroom of Tesla in the CityCentrDC. Despite undergoing production problem for months, which have settled the roll out of the vehicle, Tesla has now started delivering its Model 3 vehicles in showrooms across the country in these current days. This week the reservation holders received a mail that invited them for seeing the car in person.

This wasn’t any launch of iPhone or the premier of Star Wars. Nobody dressed up like the CEO- Elon Musk or toppled a place to stay overnight outside the showroom for pre-booking the queue to get the first place for entry. But the curiosity and enthusiasm, and the sense they had gained made their entry to the car club of the future, was simply superficial.

The crowd there was a blend of the young and old with veteran electric automobile owners waiting in the line beside curious newbie, each one of them with their own reason of owns the Model-3. And for some it was more of a desire of owning a cutting edge technology, while for others it was kind of a promise to never have to put out money from the pocket again at a gas station.

For one of the Tesla customers like; Arjun Sharma, who is a college student of 18 years old have spent quite a few months for pondering over the news about automatic car online, and a sneak peak to the car online on Friday proved that the wait was worth it. According to the words of Sharma, the car technology is brand new, and his particularly this technology is all about technology, and hence there’s no other car like Tesla. He told that he had a look at the car and it’ like a dream come true.

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