Some Experts Thinks Jeff Bezos Is Destroying Amazon’s Reputation


When it comes to Amazon nowadays, everyone is talking about its founder Jeff Bezos because of his recent controversies. Jeff Bezos has recently been lots of discussions regarding his extramarital affair and his severe accusations on the Enquirer. A few days ago Jeff Bezos officially said that he is going to get divorce from his wife after twenty-five years of marriage and the reason behind this divorce was his alleged affair with former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez.

In a recent blog post, Jeff Bezos slammed Enquirer because according to Bezos Enquirer blackmailed him by threatening to publish his intimate details about his extramarital affairs. There are now lots of things which are happening around Jeff Bezos and his personal life, but the major one is his divorce with his wife. Because according to reports Jeff Bezos will have to pay approximately fifty percent of his wealth to his ex-wife due to which many business experts are questioning about Bezos decisions.

There are some group of experts who are worried about Amazon’s performance who thinks such kind of controversies is harming the company’s reputation. But if we look into Amazon’s earnings reports, then it has beaten everyone’s expectations, and even after Jeff released controversial letter in which he accused Enquirer of threatening him, Amazon’s stock fell by only two percent on Friday. However, this is not the first time some executive from tech industry have behaved like this because earlier Elon Musk smoked marijuana on a live podcast show due to which Musk owned companies had to face lots of problems. Now the Bezos case is different, and he might get out of it pretty soon if he properly takes necessary actions to regain his reputation.