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Netflix’s 7 Best Upcoming Movies in August 2018

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Netflix has always been the centre of attraction in the latest era of entertainment. While its shows have always made it to the top list, this month it has many in store to come up with. August has its reputation and just when the Hollywood ditches all its proposals into multiplexes, to clean out the trash for a fresh start with the hopeful Oscar arrival, to have a fresh beginning after the Labour Day. But after having a glance at the new arrivals of the latest batch of Netflix, that tradition will not affect the streaming era. August is a huge month for Netflix since this streaming giant is coming along with various new contents, and subscribers can expect to have an entire sphere of new content.  This will have the return of eight original series of Netflix and seven original movies.

“The Lord of Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” is finally arriving to Netflix. There will many blockbuster films available for streaming in the month of August with gems such as; Evan almighty, Clerks, and Year one is also making debuts this August as well. Then comes the “No Country for Old Men” is one among the best movies that the Coen brothers have ever come up with. It is one of the mysterious movies. You’ll be taken to the closing monologue of lee Jone back in 2007. It will be available for streaming from 1st August.

Then comes the “The Aviator” starring the talented ever Leonardo DiCaprio, which is slightly awkward but a mesmerizing biopic of Howard Hughes. This film proposes an overzealous picture of a man belonging to the 20th century, where he tried killing all his way to step into the future. The next is “Informant” that’s a tremendous testament to its bodywork of director. Then comes the ever heated up modern superhero movie “Batman Begins.”

Next in the line is the classic “Constantine” that had director Francis Lawrence set his path towards “the Hunger Games,” and “I Am Legend.” “Dreamcatcher” is only among one of the bad movies that also made its way on Netflix.