Experts Admired Steve Jobs Brain But they Also Love Tim Cook’s Leadership


Apple Inc. is that company which was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who thought of changing the world, and they changed it successfully. However, after the death of Steve, many people believed Apple is not going to be that much successful under Tim’s leadership but from last couple of years he has proved everyone wrong. Tim is famous for taking some outstanding decision which might not be liked by critics but those were necessary at that time. If we compare the personality of Tim Cook and Steve Job, then both of these two genius have a different persona.

Steve was more of a liberal who adopted a simple lifestyle and remained a vegetarian. Still, some people criticized him for being hard on employees and driving them crazy. Jobs along with the help of Apple’ top engineer created the MacBook and iPod which changed the world, but some of the ex-employees did not like working under Steve’s command. Tim Cook, on the other hand, is that leader under whom every employee would love to work. Tim Cook recently donated a reasonable amount of money for the loss that happened at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which shows us that he is more of a philanthropic also.

The last couple of months were not suitable for Tim Cook and Apple since because of trade war issues and many other internal factors sales of iPhones declined drastically. However, that doesn’t prove Tim is not that much visionary. He has collaborated with Warren Buffett and Bill gates also to do some charity for needy people. One of the main reason why people still admire Tim is because of his charming ability to solve the problems. Currently, Apple is trying to enter into various sectors like Cloud computing, movie streaming. He has the right vision to change the company, and it seems like he will achieve it in future.