Facebook Local Events App

Facebook Reintroduces Events App with Some Yelp-Like Features Called Local


Bad news for Foursquare and Yelp but good news for nightlife lovers as the social giant Facebook has recently launched ‘Facebook Local’ a standalone events app that allows users to search events and places on a single search engine. The app helps you discover nearby attractions, restaurants, and bars. The app combines all the events and places which are powered by the company’s 70 million business pages as it also includes reviews, videos, photos and locations shared by friends’ check-ins.

Aditya Koolwal, the product manager of Facebook Local talks about their goal which is to make it easy doing a certain type of looks up while making plans with shadows. Facebook launched the app on Friday which also folds in your friends’ reviews of the place that might want to go. Users would notice an Event section that displays nearby events and it can be filtered by location, time and category.

There is one more tab that let you view your Facebook events and offer an option of pulling your other calendars into your app. This app isn’t something new but it is the second version of Facebook Events that was introduced a year ago. A downfall of 9 percent has been noticed on Yelp as Facebook starts testing local business reviews. For now, the app is advertisement free for users. As per Aditya’s words, they aren’t in the mood of featuring business ads and events at least for the time being but they are thinking to advertise way further down the line.

The app ‘Facebook Local’ could assist you to select between great bars on a block, and search out if one has a band playing. Here’s how the Facebook Local app functions:

On the home page of the app, users can view the shortcuts to check out the nearby bars, cafes, restaurants, drinks, attractions and much more. You will also be able to track the visiting of your friends and people you follow. You will have a calendar of your day’s latest events including treading events feed, nightlife, art, guides to music and other happenings and some other options.

A discover feed reveals the top suggestions related to your search and what’s popular among your friends. The app allows you to import your cellphone’s calendars to the app to keep everything in one spot. A Calendar tab involves all the event invites and RSVPs. While traveling, the app lets you alter your location check out what’s up in the current city. For the time being, users aren’t permitted to order directly from Facebook Local app’s order-food feature but some restaurant Pages do by including a link to a delivery such as GrubHub. The social network’s new mission is definitely bringing the world closer.