New Titanfall Game to Make Way Soon as EA Buys It and Its Developers, Respawn


Respawn and EA has been working together for Titanfall since the very beginning, but EA never did own the company to begin with which changes recently with EA buying Respawn along with Titanfall. Throughout this time EA had been just acting as a publisher for Respawn and now with the buying of the company, Respawn is still interested in continuing with the Titanfall franchise and is working on a brand new game currently, although the details of the same are yet to be announced.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA was heard saying that they have deeply grounded shared interests in the partnership with Respawn and will be continuously pushing the boundaries in order to provide the players with some of the best and most innovative games of the era.

Respawn CEO Vince Zampella stated the fact that the decision to sell off was a well though one which made a lot of sense because they have been partners for quite long now and EA has provided the company with a lot of support in the past. He also said that he would be in charge and there would be no cut down as far as the number of staff are concerned. The two companies seem to have the same shared values and hence EA will be providing Respawn with better resources while giving full creative freedom to the later. Zampella also states that this will provide the company with better technology which will help them to come up with better games which will provide users with better entertainment. He also said that both the companies put the players first when it comes to their values.

EA has provided Respawn with $164 million in equity along with $151 million in cash which is likely to raise another $140 million in cash for the partnership. Although EA has shut down another Star War game in the past but Zampella confirms that there is no such plans with Titanfall and the new game is soon to be released.