GoDaddy Gets a Larger Office in Kirkland

GoDaddy Gets a Larger Office in Kirkland, More Space for Technovation!!!


In an attempt to increase its workspace, web hosting giant has expanded its office at Kirkland. GoDaddy has expanded the entire sixth floor of the Carillon Point which the company has called its home since 2013. There is a new robust 42,000 square feet addition to accommodate the talented employees from the Seattle-area. In the backdrop of the office is the majestic Lake Washington while the office itself is spacious boasting of a numerous new amenities. The numbers in the company have increased at an exponential rate ever since moving into this address.

The relatively newer office has various levels of expertise and skilled employees. The staff at Kirkland includes engineers, marketing/analytics experts, product managers, communications team, human resource, data team, and operations. Though the majority of the team of GoDaddy still sits in Scottsdale headquarters, around one-third of the decision making people have been shifted to the Kirkland office. The company is not stopping when it comes to expansion. Kirkland is being seen as a new yet unique office where newer development will take place. The company wants to promote the office as growth platform in the Seattle area.

The latest Kirkland office expansion has everything to make the work fun for employees. There are 145 new workspaces, an Xbox lounge, fireplace seating, snack bar, keg station and a fully stocked wet bar at the office. The place is not only cool as the company says but also reflects the vision of GoDaddy. The company wants to promote itself as a global force for change and created a place that looks more like a second home to employees. The reason behind having such an office is to give people an interesting and creative environment. The office has a lot of breathing room with extensive use of glass, vistas and open spaces.

The company is looking to bring a change to work environment through its offices. GoDaddy today has fifty percent new engineers as women while 36 percent interns are also women. The company is founding partner of the “Equal Pay Pledge,” and aims to cut the gender pay gap prevalent in the world today. The new Kirkland office is a step towards making the workplace friendlier or simply a second home for employees.