PepsiCo’s Earning For Third Quarter Increased As Company Spend Money On Advertising


Advertising has always played a significant role in a company’s revenue growth, and it seems like something like that has happened with PepsiCo. On Thursday 03 Sep, PepsiCo released its third quarter’s earnings reports, and it has beaten everyone’s expectations. Since the company has managed to spend lots of money on Advertising, it has fetched lots of revenue for the company. As a result of this increase in revenue company’s shares rose by more than 3 percent in premarket trading.

While releasing the statement, CEO Ramon Laguarta said that the company is expecting to achieve a full-year growth rate of four percent. The company, however, reaffirmed its earnings for 2019 and hoped that it might decline by approximately 1 percent. Here is the little yet significant accomplishment which PepsiCo managed to get from the third quarter.

  • EPS: $1.56 per share vs $1.50 analysts expectations
  • Revenue: $17.19 billion as compared to prediction of $16.96 billion

PepsiCo managed to spend a vast amount of its budget on advertising products. As a result of that much advertising company’s revenue has increased significantly. An old yet effective strategy of investing more money in marketing and advertising has worked very well for PepsiCo. Even after having a significant effect on foreign exchange, restructuring costs PepsiCo managed to earn $1.56 per share as compared to many analysts’ predictions of $1.50. Net sales of the company rose by more than 4.3% to $17.19 billion.

PepsiCo is trying to improve its sales position by expanding its snack lineup. The company has managed to add new brands like Bare and Off the Eaten Path, which are having high demand in North America. The beverage industry, on the other hand also witnessed a consistent revenue growth since the sector’s revenue grew by 3.5 percent. However, this third quarter’s earning report must have boosted PepsiCo’s investors.