Google Says Gmail Go App Available For Download In Play Store For All Android Users


Google has announced that its Gmail Go is available for all users. The company said that the app is available for download in the Play Store. All Android phones users can download the app now. Gmail Go by the search engine giant is a lite version of Gmail’s email client. It has all the Gmail features. Google claims that Gmail Go takes less space on a device and offers all the features of the mailing service’s regular app. According to the company, Gmail Go is hugely popular among the lower-power devices. It takes half of the space. Google said that the app is available on the Play Store regardless of device. Users across the world can download it.

Google launched Gmail Go app after introducing the Go versions of video-sharing platform YouTube, Google Assistant apps, and Gboard. The application was unveiled in 2018. The company made the app available to lower-end smartphone users. It became hugely popular and attracted users because of the less space. It also gained popularity among those with limited data plans. It uses fewer data and thus helps users save data. Gmail Go supported devices with Android Go OS. Besides, the app supported Android 8.0 Oreo OS. The company said that it has started removing the artificial restrictions in the app. This will make the app available for download across all smartphones.

Google said that it has optimized the Gmail Go. The company has capped the framerate. This means that when users download Gmail Go on a device having a high refresh rate, the app will begin to stutter. Google didn’t recommend the app for power users but said that it could be handy. It noted that the app is the best way to save both space and data. It said that the app is especially useful to those who occasionally read emails. Google has added a banner at the bottom of the app. It says Go. It underlined that the statistics of both Gmail Go and Gmail’s regular version are the same.