Facebook Removes 20 Percent Text Limit Policy On Ad Images


Social media giant Facebook has revoked a rule related to the text on advertisement images. The company has removed the text space limit. The rule limited the text space on ad images to 20 percent. The company had earlier put in place a text overlay tool. It ensured that advertisers did not cover ads pictures with text more than 20 percent. The latest development is a win-win deal for advertisers as they can now add more text to the images. The decision also means that the company will not penalize advertisers for exceeding a 20 percent text limit. Facebook is also contacting advertisers to apprise them about the latest policy change.

As per the previous policy, Facebook used to heavily penalize ads containing more than 20 percent text on images. The company in a statement said that it will phase out external material and sources. This will enable the advertisers to add high levels of text in pictures. Facebook said that the decision will create a better experience for both advertisers and viewers. The advertisements appear on Facebook and platforms owned by it are screened based on the amount of image text. The text overlay was developed by Facebook to keep a check on advertisers and ensure that the 20 percent restriction is not breached.

Facebook, however, said that although it is removing the limit, exceptions may apply. The company added that it will still encourage advertisers to cut the amount of text on images. According to the company’s claim, ad images containing less than 20 percent text yield a better result. Facebook has a set of guidelines in place to make advertisers follow the best practices for image ads. It recommends using high-resolution pictures and with a focus on the message. It asks advertisers to use the carousel format to show multiple images. One among them was the use of text on ad images. Previously, it had set a limit to 20 percent, but this restriction has been removed.