Facebook Brings Cross-Platform Communication On Messenger And Instagram


Social media giant Facebook has announced to launch cross-platform communication on its apps. With this, users can connect between its Messenger and Instagram apps. Facebook said that it will make easier for users to communicate. The company said that it will enables cross-platform communication as it rolls out the update for Messenger and Instagram apps. The cross-platform communication will not be rolled out worldwide. It will be limited to a few countries. Facebook said that it will let Messenger and Instagram users to send messages and make video calls. Facebook noted that users will have ability to manage message requests. They can select if they want to receive messages in their chats list.

Facebook said allowing cross-platform communication means people using the Messenger app can reach out to friends on Instagram directly. They don’t require downloading Instagram app separately. Likewise, Instagram users can reach out to their friends on Messenger directly. They don’t require downloading Messenger app. Facebook claimed that over 100 billion messages are sent daily on the Messenger app. The company said it wants to provide the best messaging experience to users. It said the decision to enable cross-platform communication on its apps is just a step closer towards Mark Zuckerberg’s vision to integrate messages on various apps. Both the Messenger and Instagram are owned by Facebook.

The cross-platform communication feature is currently being tested in selected countries. The company has not shared any timeline on when it will be available for public use. Meanwhile, Facebook is also overhauling Instagram’s direct message. It said that Messenger features will be incorporated to Instagram’s DM to make it more engaging and interesting. The company said that it will include selfie stickers, vanishing messages, and chat colors among others. People will also get a new option to block unwanted messages. It will also add the Messenger’s Watch Together feature. The feature was launched in September. It became hugely popular. The feature lets users to see videos with friends and family during a video call.